FAQ: Adding a Temporary Blog Administrator

I complete the installation on all custom designs and can also complete installation for premade designs.  In order to complete your design installation, I will need temporary Blogger login info.  If you prefer, you can alternatively add me as a temporary blog administrator.

If you want to add someone as a temporary blog administrator, simply follow these instructions:

1. Go to your Blogger dashboard and select "Settings".
2. On this screen, find the section titled "Blog Authors" and select the "Add authors" button.

3. From there, type in the email address of who you are inviting to contribute to your blog (mine is: kreatedbykelsey@hotmail.com) and then click the orange "Invite authors" button.

4. Once I receive the invitation, I will accept and then send you an email letting you know that I've accepted.  You will then need to go back to the same screen and click to make me Admin.  This will give me full access to the design elements.

5. After installation is completed, you can go back to the same screen and remove the temporary author.

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