Custom Design

Custom design is the perfect way to create a blog design that is completely perfect for you.
The custom design process is outlined below.  


Interested in a premade design?  Please click here.

Step 1: 
Read through my terms of design.  These will help to answer any initial questions you might have.  Please also make sure that you agree to the terms.  You may also want to read through the frequently asked questions.

Step 2:
Decide on the style of header you are interested in.  You have four options:
1) Photo Header

2) "Scrapbook" Header

3) Graphic Header
*Please note that you will be responsible for the cost of any graphics that need to be purchased*

4) Modern Header 

Step 3:
If you decided on a scrapbook header, you will need to choose a design kit.  You can see those options here.  You should also choose which pictures you want to use (either for your scrapbook header or simple photo header) and send those to  If you will be purchasing a graphic header, make sure to include the link to the graphic you want to purchase.  Looking for great patterns that you want incorporated in your modern, graphic, or photo design?  Take a look at the patterns offered here.  Each pattern can be completely recolored to match your desired scheme.

Step 4: 
Decide which design details you would like to add to your base package.  To see the options, please click here.

Step 5:
Choose your fonts.  You can choose 1-3 fonts to use in your design.  Click on the following links to view the options!  If you have another font in mind, let me know and I will see if we can use it.

Step 6:
Place an order by filling out the form found here.  Fill out the form with as much detail as possible.  If you know you want a certain font, mention it!  If you know you want a certain background, mention it!  If you know of a blog that you just love, mention that too!  The more information you give, the faster your design will be completed, approved, and installed.

Step 7:
Email with any photos that you want included in your design.

Step 8: Temporarily add me to your blog by following these quick instructions:

Step 9:
Wait for me to email you back!  :)  You should receive an initial response within 48 hours.  I will let you know how soon I will begin on your design.  I will also send you the Paypal invoice for the cost of your design plus any additional graphic fees.  The invoice must be paid in full before I begin working on your design.  Once your turn is up, please make sure to check your email regularly as I will email you with any drafts and questions along the way.

Step 10:
Once you've given final approval,  I will install your design!