Frequently Asked Questions

Do you work on Wordpress designs?
I currently work only with Blogger blogs.

Why do you require full payment up front?
There are a few reasons that I require this.  First, it is simply an effort to protect my time and effort.  Additionally, it helps to speed up the design process. When I'm not having to wait for payments, I can easily finish designs and quickly move on to the next person on the list.

Can I contact you any way besides email?
Unfortunately, I only communicate with clients via email. I will not give out my phone number or my personal facebook account address. This is strictly for security reasons.  I do have a business twitter account and facebook page. I check each of these regularly, so please feel free to contact me there!

Do you save my files?
Client files will only be saved if the $10 storage fee is paid at the time of the makeover. If you do not pay for storage, I will be unable to make changes to your design at a later date.

How can I change the photos used in my design as my family grows?
If you think that you will want to change out your pictures at a later date, you must pay the $10 file storage fee at the time of receiving your makeover. If you have paid this fee, you can email me with your picture changes. The $10 fee includes two future picture swaps. Additional swaps will be completed for a $5 fee per swap (4 pictures or less) .

If I request a "scrapbook blog", will I receive a copy of the design kit?
No. Each design kit is created by a designer who has a specific terms of use. It is against these TOU to distribute a copy of the kit to anyone, including the client who chose to use the kit in their blog design.

Can you help me install third-party gadgets or other items on my blog?
Please contact me for information on installing third-party gadgets such as commenting systems, facebook pages, etc. If I am able to help, I will charge a flat fee for these services.

Will I lose any information on my blog when you install my design?
Everything on your blog will remain the same upon installation. Each of your sidebar items will be exactly where it was before your makeover. If you want sidebar items deleted or added, please complete this on your own. After your design is complete, you will still be free to move/add/delete items on your sidebar just as you were before.

Can I have the files so that I can change my own pictures?
Please contact me for information regarding image files.