Terms of Design

At this time, all designs are for the Blogger platform only.

In order to install your design, I will need your blogger login info (I always suggest changing it to something temporary so that you can change it back).  You will also be required to have or create a photobucket account.  I will need this login information in order to host your files.  If you need to create an account please click here.  The process is really very easy!

At this time, I only accept payment through Paypal.  Before I start on your design, I will send you an invoice for the cost of your design plus the cost of any design kits or graphics that you want to use.  After the invoice is paid in full, I will begin working!

Due to the nature of our services, no payments will be refunded at any time.

Estimated Wait Time
An estimated wait time will always be available and updated on the main site.  This will give you a good idea as to how long it will be before your design is installed after your initial order.  This estimate is of course dependent upon numerous factors including whether all of your information has been sent and how quickly you are able to respond to my emails with questions and drafts.

Each makeover includes a total of 5 revisions after the initial draft.  Any revisions after this point will be billed at an additional $10/hour.  Additionally, no revisions will be available after a design is approved and installed without risk of additional fees.

Design Kits
While you are allowed to change your mind about the design kit you have chosen, please note that the price of the second kit will be added to your final makeover price.  You will also be charged an additional $20 fee for the time it takes to completely redo the design.

You must have proper permission to use any and all photos and other elements within your design.  This means that if you wish to include pictures taken by someone other than yourself (as in a professional photographer) you MUST be granted permission.  By submitting an order, you are guaranteeing that you own or have the rights to any elements, including but not limited to, logos and photos, that you provide.  Kreated By Kelsey is not responsible and/or liable for the use of any photos or graphics provided by the client.

Updates/File Storage
Client files are not saved or stored.  If you think that you will want pictures changed or other design elements added at a later date, you will need to pay an additional $10 dollars.  This storage fee must be paid at the time that full payment is being made.

Changing Your Template
You are free to rearrange or add widgets to your template as you wish.  You are also free to remove my design at any time provided that you remove all elements and credits from the makeover.  It is a violation of these terms to keep only a few selected elements and/or to keep my logo on your site after you have removed the design.  Please also note that if you attempt to alter a part of your design and accidentally delete any of the coding or elements, I will not be able to restore your template.  As I do not store your files or template, you will have to pay for a new design if this should occur.

Third-Party Hosts and Services
Kreated by Kelsey may use third-party hosts and services to complete your design.  Such services may include image and font hosting sites.  Kreated by Kelsey is not responsible for any downtime that these third-party sites may experience.

Upon installation, a design credit and any other applicable credits will be placed as a gadget on the bottom of your blog.  These credits cannot be moved and/or altered.  By submitting an order form, you are agreeing to this for as long as the design is in use.

Designer Rights
I reserve the right to forgo designing any and all blogs that are harmful or offensive in nature.  I also reserve the right to forgo designing any and all blogs that contain overt adult themes.

Premade designs will be installed within 48 hours after full payment is received.  Just as with custom designs, premade blog designs are for Blogger blogs only.  Credits will be placed at the bottom of the blog and cannot by moved and/or altered.  You are free to remove the premade design at any time provided that you remove all elements and credits from the design.